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The Counselling Clinic serves as an autonomous counseling and wellness provider, aiming to positively influence your workforce.

Our 24/7 call center is always available to address your employees’ needs, offering them tailored guidance for their specific concerns with the help of skilled, educated, and certified therapists.

Catering to businesses of all sizes and industries globally, The Counselling Clinic provides one-on-one therapy sessions, as well as training workshops for both managers and staff members.

What makes our mental health training different?

Our director, who has operated her own private practice for a decade, possesses extensive experience in the counselling industry, working closely with clients on a daily basis. As a specialist in trauma, Kay established The Counselling Clinic to broaden her reach and assist more people in need.

Each therapist is personally interviewed by Kay to guarantee they possess the necessary expertise, knowledge, and training to effectively support your employees. Due to the lack of regulation in the UK counselling field, choosing the right therapist can be challenging. However, we’re here to alleviate that pressure for employers by carefully selecting the most suitable therapists to work with your team.

While there are counselling bodies attempting to regulate the industry, they lack legal standing, which can make collaborating with some therapists risky. To ensure quality, we conduct DBS checks, verify qualifications, and perform comprehensive interviews with our therapists – partnering exclusively with the best.

We believe in the importance of a personal touch, which is why we prefer to communicate with your employees via phone calls. By answering their questions and addressing any concerns, we create a comfortable environment that encourages them to reach out to us. This personal approach is crucial in helping your employees feel at ease when seeking our assistance.

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